Why men find it difficult to cope with women who are confident in themselves?

Men are afraid of women who know what they want and that’s a fact. It primarily comes from ancient sense that a man should be a protector of women, but it seems that to these women it is not necessary, so men already feel insecure from the start.

These women do not need shallow and superficial conversations, so it is very difficult to find a partner and have a long relationship.

These are just some of the things for which men find it difficult to cope with these women:


Ask deep questions

Ask questions that penetrate so deeply into the personality of your partner that he is not ready to respond. At the very first meeting begins with philosophical questions and discussions, because superficial conversations for them has no value.

Are sincerely

Even too much and even at the cost of offending someone. They believe only in sincerity and integrity. Whenever someone asks something, are telling the truth and expect the same from the other side.

They know what they want

Or whom they want. They know when someone they like and not go around looking for new options to be sure of themselves or their feelings.

They want a deep connection

For deep conversations, stories about the past, beautiful and ugly happenings that did their partner what he is today. Connection to them is much more than just a day out with entertainment from early morning.

Not afraid of intimacy

Do not get afraid to approach their partner and be hurt. Do not think that with this approach somebody will take away their freedom or makes them vulnerable.

They know how to assess their partner

They see what he is actually and what it is that makes him vulnerable, and they are not afraid to say it all. Although at times it can be tricky for someone, they only want to show that they understand and that he can be the one who truly is.

They want consistency

Conventional behavior is something, that always drives them away from the people. These women yearn for a strong relationship in which consistency is one of the main foundations.

Express their thoughts and feelings

Their emotions are powerful, just as their thoughts. Never get indifferent when it comes to things that are important, and therefore in such moments they show all his passion and power.

They know how to love

If the partner can not loves them equally in profound way, they will leave. Relationship without obligations for them is something unknown. They know how to assess whether someone is happy or not, and will move away from anyone who does not gives them love that they desire.

Do not wait for anyone

Do not wait someone to decide for them or circumstances involving them. Although they want a special kind of love, for them is not terrible to be alone. Better alone than with someone who does not know to appreciate.

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