Crispy sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes


-400 g small potatoes
-50 g of olive oil
-50 g butter
-Himalayan salt
-1 bunch fresh parsley
-1 lemon
-1 tablespoon lemon peel
-1 tablespoon lemon juice
-4 cloves garlic

Sweet potatoes crispy


Cut the potatoes into thin circles as pictured

Melt the butter and add the olive oil, lemon peel and lemon juice. Grate the garlic and add it to the mixture. Heat the oven. Place the potatoes in a baking dish. Carefully sprinkle the half of the mixture with butter and lemon. Spice it with Himalayan salt and pepper and put them to bake.
Leave them to bake 30 minutes, and then add the rest of the mixture.
Once the potatoes are baked and get color, remove them and sprinkle with fresh parsley.

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