Groceries that will wake you up much faster than coffee



You want coffee, but would you replace it with something else? We have 5 wonderful suggestions! We recommend that you replace it with one of the following foods, which will also give the necessary dose of energy.

Dark chocolate

This type of chocolate thanks to its composition has a positive effect on blood flow and reduces inflammation. In a study group of adults with chronic fatigue syndrome have received chocolate with 85% cocoa, for eight weeks at the end of testing all have reported less fatigue. If you want healthy chocolate buy the one that contains at least 72% cocoa.

Beet juice

If you want to increase stamina, there’s nothing better than beet juice. It increases the endurance and reduces fatigue and need for oxygen consumption is lower.

Food rich in iron

One of the most important functions of iron is the passage of oxygen to your cells, a if you do not get enough can lead to reduced levels of energy, and possibly to anemia. Iron is found in meat, fish, chicken, but can be found in plants. Remember that consumption of coffee or tea can reduce the absorption of iron, so it would be a good meal rich in iron to consume several hours after drinking tea or coffee.

Glass of cold water

Symptoms of dehydration usually sluggishness and fatigue, and headache may occur after consuming alcohol. Forget the coffee and start the day with a glass of cold water (0.5l) to speed up the metabolism. Drink several glasses of water throughout the day and body will thank you.

Healthy meals

For a start forget the potato chips and other unhealthy things. When you do not know what to nibble at night in front of TV or computer, do pieces of healthy food. In this way you will keep the required level of energy, and mood. Also do not skip meals because it is not good for the body. Simply Eat healthy!