The health condition of the baby heavy 400g improved after its twin sister was placed next to it


Miniature baby, weighing 390 grams, managed to fight for his life after his twin sister was placed next to it, just like in the uterus of their mother. Nowadays it is a happy girl enjoying the her childhood.


Lily and her sister Samer Kobing were born by C section in the 27th week of pregnancy, due to the worsening health condition of Lily. Their mom, Michelle Robert-Kobing, received the bad news that must urgently give birth during the ultrasound examination.
Immediately after birth, the two little girls were put on breathing apparatus of the Department for neonatal intensive care. Lily was a miniaturewith a length as a pen unformed ears and transparent skin, but with an enormous desire for life.
baby. baby
A month later Lily condition had worsened, and her parents have been told to be prepared for the worst. Instinctively, they took the other daughter Samer and placed next to Lily to be close to each other like in the uterus.
“Lily squeezed into Samer, and Samer into Lily” – said Michel, the mother of the girls.
Feeling the warmth and love of his sister, Lily managed to overcome all obstacles and challenges that stood in her road to recovery and left the hospital 8 months after his birth.
Now, she’s 5-year-old child who enjoys their playing time with her sister.
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