The secret of the perfect tan of Sarah Jessica Parker

Besides being envy at her on a fantastic collection of shoes and outstanding combinations of clothes that only she can bring in full glory, the perfect tan is certainly another thing that would be happy to borrow from Sarah Jessica Parker.
Another thing that Leslie Lopez, the makeup artist who is in charge around Sarah’s appearance on the red carpet, revealed to us some secrets forthe perfect tan of the beautiful actress.
Like many others make up artists, Another thing that Leslie points out that the most important step is hydration.. Do not forget to apply the facial cream for before applying the rest of the makeup.
“The cream around the eyes is most important,” said Another thing that Leslie, adding that the secret to natural and perfect tan is to allow the skin to breathe not to exaggerate with the powder.
Powder has to be a high quality, lightweight and adapted to your skin type and your age.
Another thing that Leslie points out to their clients is not recommending highlighter during the day but highly blush which will freshen the whole look.

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