Sun, beach? What else you need for a summer vacation?



While at first sight you think that you do not need nothing,only to be on the beach, in order to fully be happy, but you need some things.

Roman sandals
Roman sandals are ideal for easy walks through the sand, and for a break in the tropical bar. The combination of black and gold is the color to suit and combining with other accessories for the beach.

Roman sandals

Beach Bag
A very important accessory that is also practical and right fashion item. In it you can put a towel, favorite book, sunscreen and other things that you need and you’re ready for laying on the beach. Best bags are from natural materials, jute, cotton or knitted.

Sun spray oil with SPF
For this season choose oils for natural sun protection enriched with salts, vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea. Whatever oil you choose, whether it is made from carrots or nuts, the skin will be protected from UV air, and skin tan will be equalized. Oils are quickly and easily applied and allow you to safely enjoy the warm summer days.

Towel for the beach
Whatever you want to lie on the sand or hammock, in any case you will need a towel, especially when you leave the water.


This accessory may have a crucial role because it protects your head from the sun. It is best to choose a model that is light colored and made of natural materials. And of course it is a nice decoration on the head.


Accessory that you can wear it in many ways. You can wear it as a skirt, dress, to tie around the head or switch over his shoulder to avoid burns. They are available in different sizes and patterns.

You do not want to get wrinkles or want to hide your eyes, sunglasses should also be found on your list of required accessories. Despite the aesthetic effect, it is best to find a model that has glasses with UV protection factor.

Foot Jewelry
Foot Jewelry is the only accessory on this list whose role is extremely aesthetic.


You must bring a book to the beach to relax not “too”, choose a cheerful and bright, easy to read and you are ready to enjoy with ice tea and cold frappe. The book is an obligatory accessory if you are placed in a smaller place where there are not many tourist attractions.

Young woman reading a book at beach
Young woman reading a book at beach