Banana diet. Reduces 5kg in a week


Bananas are rich in starch having low glycemic index, which means that need some time to digest and leaves a feeling of satiety while at the same time partially blocking the absorption of carbohydrates.
This diet which includes starting the day with banana and cup of hot water is known as the “morning banana”, and is very simple.
Diet affects the weight loss, because bananas stimulate digestion and speed up the metabolism.
People who want to try this diet should avoid dinner after 8 pm and to avoid dessert after dinner.
From groceries which are not allowed to consume, you need to avoid only milk products and alcohol, and the other condition is that the bananas must be fresh, not baked or frozen.


So normal daily menu should contain the following things:

-One or more bananas (until you feel satiated)
-A cup of hot water

-A meal of your choice and fresh salad
-Sweets and desserts are allowed up to 3 pm if you feel hungry

-Meal containing lots of vegetables
-Skip dessert

If you follow the diet, nutritionists claim that within a week will reduce to 5 kg.

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