New fashion trend that quickly spreads on social networks!!

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If you liked  the trend with “choker” necklaces, then this news no doubt will completely blow you away! It is a variation of “choker”, but in a way that much more you will like it. These models
are tied on the neck with ribbon and freely fall down.

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You can wear them in combination with long necklaces from a completely different material. Best of all is that for this look you need a longer ribbon that will adjust around your neck and tie the ribbon leisurely. Ribbon should be thin, and if it’s made of leather, it will be a full shot. This necklace introduces combination of boho and rock style. Black is always a good choice, but you will not be wrong even with pastel shades. Everything depends on the clothes you where. You can wear this necklace with dresses, shirts, blouses, and we believe that many will love the, because it matches with everything.

choker necklaces

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