3 products that you should not eat and drink during lunch

Do you often become sleepy after you eat your lunch? You are not alone, because with this problem are faced many people. It depends very much on the food that you eat and how it acts on your body. It is best to have lunch around 12 or 13 o’clock, because the more you postpone this meal, the more you get hungry and you will have a greater desire for food full of sugar and fat, such as fried foods and sweets. Ideal lunch should contain vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore a good choice for lunch can be sandwiches (chicken, eggs, cheese or roast beef) and pasta with whole grain salads, fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines), soups, beans and couscous. The following three products are among the worst choice for lunch because they cause a drop in energy.


French Fries

French fries are fried in a lot of oil and it is a simple carbs that should always be avoided because it will quickly raise blood sugar levels, but also quickly will reduce. If you eat fries for lunch, it is likely to experience a rapid loss of energy and drowsiness.

Cow's milk

Cow’s milk

Although milk from cow can be part of a balanced diet, it also has a negative impact on the body’s energy. This milk is processed difficult, because most of the blood goes into the intestines, and the rest of the body must operate with reduced blood flow. Because of this it creates a feeling of laziness.

Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

Once you eat a sandwich with peanut butter, you are likely to feel sleepy. This is result of the amino acid tryptophan, which is contained in this butter, which is especially popular in the United States. But is not necessarily to completely avoid the butter, but you can combine it with the “super” food that gives us energy, such as cereals, chia seeds, some fruit and other healthy products.

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