Proud, passionate, theatrical Discover everything about Leo

Generous, theatrical, handsome, proud, passionate, stubborn, persistent, kind, dedicated, leaped, exuberant, full of life – it is a woman born under the sign of Leo. You will easily notice her, because you always stand out from the crowd – she laughs loudest, has the most beautiful smile, and her self-confidence shines on all sides. This their zodiac sign is ruled by the sun, the center of the universe, and accordingly, these women want to be in the spotlight as it goes out of hand.

Blonde Girl

Leo woman has a temperamental character and boiling blood. When it is necessary, without thinking shows its claws and defend, and when is angry only thing that can calm her down is compliment or carefully selected gift. She has a strong and adventurous spirit, because she wants to win, thanks to her intelligence, ingenuity and creativity, her life is filled with many victories.

Sex and relationships

Leo woman wants besides herself to have a partner who is independent and with strong character. There is no need someone to care for her, but also that the man who is sure of himself and which allow her beside him to shine in all her beauty and strength. In the relationship wants to have lots of fun and dynamics – not tolerate routine and constantly finds ways to change something in her everyday life and make it more dramatic. Sex it is very important and it is the best way to show your partner how much is a desirable. She loves sexy underwear, as well as to play the main role in the bedroom. For her there are no taboo subjects of sex, wants to try everything, and equally important it is her pleasure and her partner. She can easily be seduced if feels soft, sensual caresses on the back. In love, agrees best with Gemini, Scales and Sagittarius.


Thanks to her warm personality, magical energy, enthusiasm and lightness of being, Leo women is like a magnet attracting people around, and her friends very often are her “fans”, people who simply admire her. Generous Lioness wants to please her friends and to many people she is exactly best friend. Will never betray her friends and will always be there for them. To friends know to forgive everything, except treason.



Bushy hair like the mane of a lion, prominent facial features, warm eyes, a look full of sparks, high forehead, raised nose and small ears. These are the main physical features which make it distinctive Leo. She is most proud of her bushy hair, which is usually blond or red. Women born in this zodiac sign are tall, with long legs, nicely shaped waist, have elegant and very strong muscles. They have a royal posture and performance. Always look respectable proudly and balanced. Her appearance likes to decorate with jewelry and other accessories, as well as to wear clothes in yellow and orange.


Wants to stand out in yellow and orange, but the color that always puts her in the spotlight is golden. In golden color Leo finds everything that she is sincerely wants – warmth, luxury, theatricality, feature astonishment. Always chooses clothes and accessories of the highest quality, and in it there is no conformity fashion – she wants to wear things that no one else does. Always manages to put a dramatic and unusual fashion trends, thanks to her innate self-confidence. She wants fine materials such as silk and cashmere and perfectly tailored clothes. Nothing better her strengthens confidence from going to the hairdresser. In her closet you will surely find shoes decorated with sparkles and feathers, as well as necklaces with glittering stones. Leo rarely go shopping alone, She is always with her friends, that did not are so needed advice, but to tels her compliments.

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