The best tips for skin care after sunbathing

You purchase everything you need for the beach when it comes to cosmetic products? We think primarily of lotions and sprays that will protect your skin, face and hair from the sun. However, the care after sunbathing is equally important for your skin to look healthy, but you to feel good in it. For this reason, we share with you fantastic tips on how to care for your the skin after sunbathing.


Pay attention to the water you shower

Showering is quite important when you leave the beach or pool. Chlorine, salt and sand must be removed, but no matter how you want to shower with warm water, do not do it because it was almost all day exposed to the sun. Let the water be lukewarm because many more will suits you and you will not see negative consequences.

Choose an appropriate shower gel

Do no use to those gels that contain ingredients that dry out the skin. The skin is to dried previously, so give it the treatment that it deserves. Shower gels based oils or those with the effect of additional moisture is an excellent choice. Also, avoid doing peeling which will only irritate the skin. Peeling should be done, before and after the summer holiday.


After showering use milk or lotion for body care after sunbathing

This is better for your skin than regular milk or body lotion. In itself usually contains a variety of vitamins and ingredients that calm down, cool, hydrate and regenerate the skin. If you do not have this kind of lotion, select those that are more greasy and that will provide the necessary skin moisture, but also natural oils such as coconut will give excellent results. In this way, the color will keep longer and will not peel off.

Nurture eventual sunburns in the right way

If you accidentally suffered sunburns and are not of a higher level, there are several ways to reduce the pain. Yogurt or diluted apple cider vinegar are ways that burns can calm down. Aloe Vera is also shiny because its gel cools and regenerates the skin, but of course you should have and a balm for sunburns in your cosmetic bag.
It will regenerate your skin and with increased intake of fluids in the body and obligatory avoiding the sun, the problem would soon be resolved and your vacation will not fail.
In any case, beware of the the midday sun. Not only because of burns, which can create lasting problems of the skin, but also because of the risk of skin diseases, blemishes on the face and body and premature skin aging. Remember this the next time when at any cost would like to stay all day in the sun, just to get a color slightly darker than the previous one.


Allow the skin to breathe

You are on vacation, so let’s take a break your skin too. We are sure that you do not need to emphasize that there is not reason to wear makeup on the beach, but is also nice if you completely don’t use during your stay. Instead of perfume, body spray, use exotic smell or let your body to smells on the lotion. Once you get home you will continue the duties and the routines,so take advantage of the days of the holiday, to make a complete detoxification of the skin. Those with darker tan certainly look phenomenal and they do not need so much to the beautification of. Instead of spending your time contouring and putting surfaces, use the occasion to watch the sunset on the beach or do something that you can not do when you are at home. In addition, wear a wardrobe that is pleasant to the skin and natural material.

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