Tips on how to get rid of the cellulite


thigh cellulite

Ninety percent of women have it. Equally affects skinny or those with kilogram of excess, or all but removes know that it is a permanent cure for cellulite is still missing. Fortunately, some tricks still effective!

When the days becoming longer and the skirts shorter, most often somewhere appears the annoying or cellulite. Fortunately, some tricks can still alleviate the problem. Combination of of movement, healthy eating with low fat, or proper care, the look can still be visibly improved.


Cause Problems

Cellulite is a common problem of women or is associated with the structure of the female connective tissue. On the one hand it is much more elastic connective tissue than men have it, which is useful for instance for the period of pregnancy. On the other hand, the connective tissue in the woman built of parallel threads and the fat cells easier “only” between them. In this way, penetrates just below the surface of the skin, are grouped in lumps creation or provide the skin with the famous orange peel look..
Ideal Care

Start your day with a shower interchangeably with hot and cold water, which will stimulate the circulation, accelerate the melting of the fat or tighten the skin. Very important is or peeling on a weekly basis, because not only it stimulate microcirculation, but removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, while anti-cellulite substances in products against cellulite and for skin tightening easier penetrates in the skin.. The positive effect on the connective tissue are substances such as caffeine, ginkgo or and L-carnitine, which will most often is found in skin care products..


The more muscle mass is formed, it has less space for fat cells. The best results provide combined training exercises for strength in the abdomen and the legs and light stamina exercise, such as swimming or riding a bike.


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