Nine things you should not eat before going to bed



Even if you feel very hungry before going to bed, you must be careful what you eat before. Here is a list of nine products that are not allowed to eat before going to bed.


Even though recipes with pasta are easiest to prepare, do never eat before bedtime.
Pasta contains carbohydrates that very soon after going to bed will turn into fat.


We all want delicious, big, juicy pizza, but do not eat before going to bed!!!
Pizza is very difficult to digest and is full of fat. The ingredients that are put into pizza can increase your weight. If you eat pizza, it shall be for lunch, to allow time for the body to digest.


Red meat

Red meat should be avoided to eat just before bedtime; it contains proteins that would hinder you the beautiful, long dream.


Dark chocolate is very good for your brain but also bad for your weight. Chocolate has a lot of calories that during sleeping will turn into fat.


Vegetables are delicious and low-calorie, but you need to avoid before going to bed. Because it is full of insoluble fibers that will help create the feeling of a full stomach. And will bother you during sleep.

Alcohol is the biggest enemy of good dream. He will make you sweat during the night and makes you wake up. He is also full of calories that will detrimental your line.


Meals with lots of sugar in them can cause nightmares during sleep. If you want to have peaceful sleep, avoid eating sweets.



Burger belongs to high-calorie foods and it is hard to digest. It is full of fats that can damage the work of the heart at night.

Chili sauce

Chili sauce is full of calories, proteins and carbohydrates that are difficult to burn during sleeping.