Signs that your friends are jealous of you



Very often people talking about jealousy that exists in romance rather than friendly jealousy. In both cases it is about feeling from which you should definitely release. It occurs in various forms, all are equally terrible and frustrating.
If you noticed that recently relationships with your friends are chilled or you feel any negative energy when you are with them, the likelihood is they are jealous at you. These are the signs that will help you recognize their jealousy …

They say that life is not fair

Do your friends often tell you that it is not fair that you have some things they do not have? This can relate to your job, your romance or the material things, such as a nice car. Very often, these people use the term “not fair” to blame external factors that they can not achieve what their friends can.

Always are too competitive

It’s good to have a little competition, but if you have too much, it may be a sign that the green monster has visited your friends. If you notice that they perceive as a competition, your friends are not only jealous at you, but the friendship is completely toxic.

They are always very negative

You are telling your friends that you have received promotion and suddenly you notice negativity in their behavior. You wonder how is it possible? Jealousy works exactly this way. They will try to belittle you with words like “Well, well, I knew anyway there was no one else to promote.” Beware of hidden negativity and understand it as a sign.

Have a need to overshadow you

Let us return to the example of the promotion. If you’re dealing with jealous friends, they first attack you with negativity, and then immediately turn to comments intended to overshadow your success. When jealous friends hear about your achievement, will immediately start to talk about how they have achieved something better and bigger.

Many are uncertain

Behind every jealous person hide its insecurities. Are your friends insecure in yourself? It has been proven that people who are comfortable in their own skin and who have strong self-esteem, are not jealous of others. Conversely, if you notice that your friends are not at all confident, it is likely that will develop their jealousy and will direct to you.

They make you to feel bad at every possible opportunity

You take time off from work to go on vacation with your partner. Rather than be happy for you and that you will finally get the needed rest, they make you feel guilty about it. Probably will tell you something like, “The rest sounds great, but if I were in your place I would not have left work just like that.”
If you think that your friends underestimate your every decision, it may be another sign that they are jealous of you.

Are obsessed with prestige

Are your friends obsessed with being invited on some elite events? Do they always want to be in the company of popular and financially powerful people? And then when you get more than what they have, they suddenly go crazy. The status and success have a major role in jealousy. Sometimes ambition is fueled by uncertainty.

They pretend when you tell some good news

You have some exciting news you want to share with friends, but when you say the words immediately notice their fake smiles. This does not happen once, but always. Showing false happiness is another sign of a jealous friend. With their pretending they want to compensate for the jealousy they feel because they are not at your place.

Underestimate anything that you will achieve

You have achieved something great? For your friends this is not a big deal. They can even tell you something like, “Got a raise? Alright, I got it. Many people got a raise this year. ” In this way jealous people want to make them feel better about themselves.

Are always discourage you

Friends are supposed to encourage you, and not the opposite, right? When you’re dealing with jealous friends, the reverse happens. Jealous people focus on the reasons why you can not do something, and not the reasons why you can.

Does not support you

Whenever you need someone to listen to you, you can not find no one of your friends. Besides underestimate your goals and desires, but also are not there for you. A true friend will want you to succeed and be happy, and always be ready to give his support.

If you recognize these signs in your friends, you will ask yourself what to do. Jealousy does not mean that friendship is over. There is a way to solve this problem, and that means being open and honest with friends that are jealous. You need to open the cards and let them know that it bothers you. In that way, your friends may think twice before comment on something and behave in a way that makes you feel bad.
Remember that you should be honest with them, because only in this way would be able to save and strengthen your friendship.