The easiest trick for weight loss!


Smart peoples say that great ideas are actually the simplest! Well, we found one just like that. To lose weight if you simply eat from smaller plates.
Surely it happened to feel fed enough, when you serve less food than what we’re used to, but you still eat slowly and calmly. Well, this idea is based on the same logic – smaller plates collect smaller amounts and stimulated to enjoy more food.
According to studies, this method is very effective! Some scholars claim that it is the best way to fight against obesity. They found one interesting thing about overweight kids. They eat from bigger bowls!
Specialists have made a research on this issue. 42 children from first grade placed the food in the dish by their own choice during the 8 days. Then they had to serve the food in small bowls. It was revealed that the result is impressive! Children ate at least 90 calories less.
For children it is much easier to establish this change in eating habits, but experts are convinced that it is quite possible with adults. Well friends, use this super pleasant diet.

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