Brother and sister: 7 things that connect them whole life


You love him, but sometimes he is annoying you . But you will have him for a lifetime. Older brother is irreplaceable figure in the life of every girl and woman. Sometimes he will train your nerves and sometimes his advice is worth gold.


Whatever your childhood and growing up under the same roof was, these 7 things will connect you until the end of life.

1.You’ve covered him at least once

No matter whether it is a broken object or girl who secretly entered his room, because it certainly once you have lied your parents. But he relied on you and you could not lose his trust. Besides, surely he would do the same for you.

2.You went through his things when he was not at home

Just because you have covered him at your parents, does not mean that a stop sign on the door of his room you took seriously. No matter what you’ve found in his drawers and lockers, surely you have regretted every time.

3.You liked his friend

When the team were gathered at home, you were super excited because that meant that his handsome friend will come. Yes, we think of that lovely friend for which even your mother thought it was cute and exemplary.

Brother and sister giving an hug on the beach

4.Your friend probably liked your brother

At least at one of your friends, must have happened this. As soon as she appeared at the door, asking if he’s home? Yes, it is the first sign, but she will never admit it.

5.He did not liked any of your boyfriends

There were moments when he transformed your love life into hell, but only because he wanted to protect you. It is quite normal to all of your boyfriends were afraid of your older brother, even though they desperately wanted to be best friends.

6.You still have scars from the stupid things you’ve done

Surely repeatedly the fight with pillows has grown into a serious, or throwing things hit a tricky place that until today has a scar. Probably at this moment you remember a scar that reminds you of a common stupidity.

7.You grew up with best friend

Perhaps you were fighting all day, however in the end, you fall asleep as friends. And that is the only thing that needs to be saved.


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