Find out what your eyes color reveals about your personality


Eye colors

Does eyes color says something about you? Scientists from the University of Orebro in Sweden think that say a lot about your personality.

Light brown eyes

You are natural leader. You are born to lead people through life. Find the strength in yourself and you can rule the world.

Blue eyes

Mentally you are so strong that sometimes it annoys people around you. People are willing to accuse they before they know you. They see you as weak. Women with blue eyes are durable to pain and easier stand the pain in childbirth. Except that you are enable to oppose any kind of anxiety or depression better than others. You are ambitious.

Gray eyes

This color of eyes is exceptionally rare, and if you have, you are very balanced person, but have some inner part of you that is hard to control. You make people to work harder to pass through certain obstacles.

Hazelnut color

You are special since childhood. You are independent, confident and spontaneous. Your personality is difficult to predict.

Green eyes

You are mysterious and very sexy. Unpredictable and you quickly get angry. You are creative and well performing under pressure.