Things that you need keep telling your child


Every child need words of his parents, whether through them we express our love and support, or we learn them how to behave. But the words that we say, while we are angry may leave permanent scars, others have the power to raise child self-confidence and to develop healthy habits for our dearest.

Use your words wisely! Here are the things that need to say to your child more often:

“I love you unconditionally.” Kids pranks are endless – broken toy, falls from heights, stained furniture … Sometimes you think you are standing on the brink of madness, but do not let your child to think that love for him is reduced because only one mistake. Children need to know that the parents are not setting conditions to love them and their love exists even when the children make mistakes.

“Friends will come and go.” Other kids will turn break the heart of your little one. They will disappoint it, will turn their back and it will be discouraged. But it is a part of childhood and growth and you can not do nothing to stop it. But could learn your child not to take people for granted. The ones who are now his friends, does not mean that will be next to him in ten years. Maybe new faces will take the place of his friends and that’s OK..

“Laugh. Sincerely, loudly, more often. ” A lot of parents are angry at their children when they laugh out loud because the noise bothers them. Let your child to be only a child, to be honestly pleased of life, to finds humor in the good and the bad things and openly to showing it. There is nothing more precious than child smile.

“I am very proud of you. You were working hard for it. “ Not every child possesses inborn talent to sing or ingenuity to become a top mathematician, but every child can work hard to accomplish something. With this approach you are showing your child’s hard work, not intelligence or inborn talent.

“Happiness starts from within.” “Do not wait someone else to make you happy.”

“Things are just things.” It is likely in the future your child wants to possess valuable things. It may wear branded clothing, or drives an expensive car. Learn to not allow the material things to define it as a person.

“Thank you” and “please”. Our behavior is our choice, but the children choose how to behave, by watching their parents. Be a role model of the person you want to see in your child in the future. Everyday life is filled with situations in which you can use the words “Thank you” and “please” and which are vital for good interaction between your little one and the rest of the world.

“Never give up. I believe in you.”  Your child has a dream? Do not discourage it, but encourage it it to follow the dream. Believe in it and learn it to believe in themselves. If anything goes wrong, encourage it to try again.

“You will never be alone.”  “I will always be with you.”