How to avoid an affair outside of marriage



He is married. Neither you are not free. But you have a strong desire to begin an adventure … or fling which will change daily life monotony … But in the name of love and happy marriage you are wondering – how to avoid forbidden love?
How to overcome the passion and challenge?
Here are a few possible ways to overcome this situation that can be very difficult. What are the rules about not falling in love.

Rule no. 1

“While it is not too late and still think soberly, put “armor” around your heart for not making the next fatal step.”

Rule no. 2

“If you feel it will be transformed into true love immediately begin with a detailed and critical analysis of the man you like.”
Pay special attention to all the flaws of the person who taking over your mind. And think carefully about them, whether you can accept it. On the other hand, occupy with your business obligations and work that will fulfill your free time. And the time will do the rest.
Avoid in a period of time the person, so you’ll probably manage to get away from the embrace of extramarital adventure.


Rule no. 3

“If you manage in a short time notice at least one flaw at” the forbidden seducer “for a short time you will discover and other flaws, bigger and more pronounced.”

Rule no. 4

“If you truly want to avoid extramarital fling, use the maximum of everything to accomplish the goal.”
Spend more time with your friends and your hobby. This will extinguish the fire easier that could easily burn your marital bliss.



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