Reasons why you should go on vacation with your mother!

The connection between mother and daughter is very special. There is no better friend than the mother. You can always tell her all of your secrets and all your problems without fear that will judge you, and she will immediately be ready to give you the best advice. Before her you can always be yourself and natural, since she is the person who knows you best. That is why there is no better idea than to go on vacation with your mother. You might not expect crazy parties until the early hours, but for sure awaits an unforgettable holiday in a totally different way.

These are the 12 reasons that will convince you that this summer you need to go on vacation with your mother .


She will plan the whole trip and will take care of all the boring stuff. It is like a travel agent to whom you pay with love!

It will not offend her when you become strenuous because you’re hungry. In fact she very well recognizes the warning signs and will stop it with a tasty snack as soon as she notice that you get hungry. Moreover, in her purse always it is found some chocolate or fruit.

Your mother knows very well what you want and what does not, without saying to her. She will suggest activities and restaurants knowing that both will like. Your needs always come first.

Going to take you to places, which yourself would have never chosen. You would never have gone yourself into a museum of traditional art, which eventually turned out that you liked a lot and had a great time.

You will have the opportunity to get to know some activities that she herself would have never chosen. She would never have waited 40 minutes for the tastiest dessert that looks like it was created for Instagram. But when she will try, will admit that was worth it.

You will have someone who will make 1 000 images of you, until one is perfect. And will not complain about it! Just going to put the photo in the frame.

mother and daughter

Your photos on Facebook will get more likes than usual. Entertainment locations combined with your mother equates to more than 100 likes.

You will not return with clothes that you bought on vacation for which will later regret. Your wise mother will persuade you not to buy that floral dress with rainbow colors that perfectly match the atmosphere of the island, and will remind you that at home you are wearing only black.

But will gladly buy that lovely hat that you need for the beach. Although you may never put it, but will always remind you of this unforgettable holiday.

You’ll have a chance and you to buy her something. Such as what souvenir magnet which they sell and will would fit perfectly in her collection, or a tasty lunch. She will say there is no need for you to pay and will really mean it, but she would be so moved that you paid for lunch.

You will have a wonderful, meaningful conversations. Instead of being limited to your long conversations about how you spent the Sunday and daily short questions like “Are you hungry?” Now you can actually talk without your father, sisters and brothers to interrupt and to distract. You can talk about what is really going on in your life, about the current political situation, or to listen how she talk about her childhood and youth.

You will be able to hug your mother goodnight every night for several days in a row. Is not this what you truly need every night when you’re home?

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