10 reasons why your daughter is the greatest gift I’ve ever had

After you give birth and for the first time and you take in your hands your daughter, you know that your life has changed for the better. It is the greatest gift that you ever received.


She is for you best friend

You laugh together while eating for you ice cream that melts and drips on for you hands. You hide together under the blanket. You love her unconditionally, apologize when you you are wrong, you believe each other, you are connected and communicate. The time spent together for you is a treasure.

Her beauty is breathtaking

For you there is no more beautiful person than her, inside and out. Her merciful heart, adventurous spirit and adorable eyes, each day will remind you that there are still good things of this world.

She will take care of you when you grew old

She will take care of you when you no longer can. You may depend on it, but when you come to the end of your life, she will be the person with whom you want to spend more time.

She looks up to you

While being little she thinks you can hug the moon. It accepts fully what you say, just because you say. She is always on your side when the world tells you you’re not good enough, important or smart. She always believed in you!

Her smile is contagious

No matter what carry the day, the smile on your daughter will make the world again looks like a good place, even for a moment. It is powerful, magical and spiritual.

Your bond is unbreakable

And when teenage years are in question, when you have a lot of disagreements and lengthy discussions, your relationship remains unbreakable. She is very important and priceless.

She is yours and you are proud when you call so

Praise your daughter without apology. The world needs to know that this wonderful, loving, attentive, sweet, smart and talented child belongs to you. It is the greatest source of pride.

She is the only thing you know is right

Regardless of how things may have mistaken, she will never be one of them. Look at her, and you will know that you did something right in your life.

She is the best of you and her father

Everything you want in her father would find it in her. Your benefits are obvious at her. She owns the best of you two without much flaws.

She will be yours forever

That invaluable source of happiness and pleasure is yours. She is your daughter, your life, your light. She is yours. And the son is yours until he get married, but your daughter is yours for life.

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