The most common mistakes that we make in hair removal


Slim woman shaving legs sitting on white background

Internal hair are a common consequence of waxing, but the problem is not in the way of hair removal, but that if you previously has prepared for it. Therefore, avoid these mistakes to have the best results from waxing, to be painless and completely smooth.

Make a skin peeling

Peeling is the best way to prevent the growth of internal fiber, no matter which method you use for hair removal. If you already have such hairs, make peeling in those places. If you use a razor for hair removal, be sure afterwards to put skin lotion containing alpha hydroxide acid, an ingredient that relaxes dead skin and helps the hairs should not remain trapped under it.

Do not use your razor in the morning

Although during the morning shower we all practice to sort out their legs, we can say that it is not a good idea. During the night your feet swell, which means that the hairs remain hidden in the early morning. Therefore in other parts of the day it is better to remove hairs.

Hair removal

Do not shave your feet while lying down in a hot bath

The heat also affects the swelling of the legs. So if you have to do this in a warm bath, make sure that at least it will be in the the first 10 minutes.

Necessarily to use a cream or shaving foam

Shaving foam is very important to use because it prevents various irritations and also provides the shaving razor to reach almost to the root of the hairs. Apply the foam the opposite way of the hairs in order to remove them accurately.