7 useful tricks that every true coffee lover needs to know


If you can not imagine beginning the day without coffee, then these interesting tips will surely be of great help. In this context, read the 7 tricks that every true fan of the black elixir of life should know. Just a few steps to the tastiest coffee you’ve ever tasted.


Drink freshly ground coffee.

Freshly ground coffee and has a stronger flavor and contains a larger number of antioxidants and flavonoids than other ground coffees. Moreover, the coffee beans have a long expiration date: open packaging can last up to 2 weeks while minced lasts only a week.

Do not store the coffee in a humid place.

Moisture is the worst enemy of quality coffee, so it should not be kept in damp areas, such as fridge. Coffee can also soak the surrounding scents and thus destroy their natural, authentic flavor. It is best stored in closed containers in a cool, dry and dark place.

Buy smaller packaging of coffee.

When it is stored properly, the coffee can not be spoiled. However, as time passes, it loses its flavor. It is best to buy smaller packages to always have fresh and delicious coffee.
Do not warm up only coffee.

You’ve probably noticed that into coffee bars cups stand on the coffee machines. This is because the coffee that is served in warmed cups has a stronger taste and slowly cools.

Add your favorite spice.

The taste of coffee, you can enhance with your favorite spices such as vanilla or cinnamon. Simply add a little flavor from ground coffee and enjoy the irresistible taste.

Make milk foam.

You do not need a coffee maker to create a delicious drink with milk foam. Pour about 175 ml of milk to heat until bubbles appear (about 1 minute). Then mix the milk to get the milk foam on top. Separate from the foam from the milk and place it in the coffee.

Do not spill the the cold coffee.

You may not need to warm up, but the cold coffee does not have to be thrown away. Put it in a bowl of ice, freeze it and with cubes enhance your taste of cold milk drinks. Also, you can add the cold coffee into the filling for cakes.