Which color of lipstick to choose this summer, to give your teeth whiter look?

A lot of women this summer may have noticed that one of the most popular summer shades of lipstick – red coral, do not match exactly the best with their smile. This can simply be explained by the rules of complementary colors. Blue and orange or yellow, stand contrary to each other in the color spectrum. Considering that opposites attract, blue tones lipsticks make the yellow color of our teeth, not so noticeable. We present a few tricks with whose help you would avoid “ugly” shades of lipsticks, based on the skin color of your skin, or you select the ones that will make your smile brighter.


Choose the right red lipstick

Red lipstick can be worn by every woman and girl, only if you choose the right shade according to the tan of your skin. Then will come to the fore all your attributes and will make your teeth look whiter. If you are with lighter tan, choose a red lipstick with cherry color which has a blue background and your smile will shine. Those girls and women who have darker tan should choose red lipstick colors with shades of wine or chestnut. Violet basis will do wonders when it comes to the whiteness of your teeth.

Raspberries color for brighter smile

Pink is usually softer and brighter than the red, so is not able to give the same effect as the darker colors that highlight the whiteness of the teeth. But pink shades can give you a Hollywood smile if you stick to the colder tones as the color of raspberries. While those with coral or orange tones should be avoided.

Pink Lipstick

Avoid brown tones

Brown lipsticks in no way will flatter your smile. For example, burgundy lipsticks with brown base, will highlight yellow or dark stains on your teeth. Instead, if you have lighter tan, use lipstick with dark berries color and a blue background, like the one with shades of plum. Women with darker tan will look best with lipstick in a shade of red beans. That nuance fits good in almost any tan, and her blue base makes your teeth brighter.

Ordinary lip gloss is your best friend

Ordinary lip gloss will give a wet look to your lips and teeth will look shiny. Lipsticks in matt shades cause the opposite effect. But lip gloss with sedefest tones should be avoided, because it makes brighter your lips, but not our teeth.

Neon Lipstick

Neon colors

These lipsticks accentuate your lips and its dark complexion after days spent on the beach, but will throw the teeth in the background. This lipstick with bright fluorescent shades by no means will help you in displaying your smile, but rather can make your teeth look darker.

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