3 highly effective exercises for tightening the buttocks


The simplest and the most effective exercises for tightening the buttocks variants of squats, step outs and bridge exercises. At first, until you acquire stamina, keep repeating every exercise for five to seven times, and later increase this number until you reach 25, maximum 30 repeats. It would be optimal to do this physical activity between three and four times a week. More than it can be tiring for the muscles. Sure, it does not refer to cardiovascular workout, which you can do the coming days, in order to accomplish the plans.


They demand a lot of energy and have an effect on nearly all groups of muscles of the lower back and tighten your buttocks.

Usually squats – Stand with your feet apart. Your feet are parallel with hip-width apart. Extend your arms in front of you, parallel to the floor. Lower the buttocks downwards until you get nearly in a sitting position. Make sure your knees do not exceed the tips of the toes.
The back is in the upright positions. Slowly lift up and tighten the muscles of your buttocks. Make 3 sets of these exercises, with a short pause in between. Try to do the exercise as you slowly as you can.


With gym extension bar – Stand with your feet apart. Feet are parallel with hip-width apart. Hold the extension bar so that the top of the palm is faced up. With slightly bent knees, and straight back, lift the extension bar toward the chest. The elbows are straight forward to the rod can slid the chest.
Slightly bend your knees, lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. With exhale return to the starting position and tighten the muscles of the buttocks and abdominal muscles.
Do 3 sets of this exercise in 7 reps. Pay attention during the exercise to not lean forward and do not bend the neck.
Sumo squats – Stand with your feet apart. The feet are a bit wider than your hips. Feet and knees are outward. With exhale lower the buttocks down to the limit of pain. Then return in starting position.

With gym extension bar

Stepping out
This exercise shapes the buttocks. Stand up straight, feet are one by another, hands are on hips. Step out with one foot forward and start lower to the floor with your knee.
Make sure your knee not to cross your fingertips. When your knee of the leg which is behind the body will comes close with the floor, stand in that position for several seconds and slowly return to starting position.
At the end, strongly tighten the muscles of the the buttocks. Take 5 to 7 reps with one leg, then repeat the same with the other.

Step iut

The bridge

This exercise an excellent for tightening the the buttocks. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Feet in width with hips and arms along the body.
Heels are firmly on the floor. Raise your hips and buttocks high in the air, but the chest and back to remain on the floor. In the highest position strongly tighten the muscles of the buttocks and stay in that position for five seconds.

The bridge

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