Make-up the products that you must own this summer!

Here is what is necessary to have this summer season …
Due to the warm weather, except wardrobe we must renew our cosmetic products and to focus on durable makeup and light textures that will not close our pores.

Except especially adapted textures, it is important to choose a good pallet of colors that will brighten our appearance and unite with tan. So, pay attention to good hydration, sunscreen, durable structure of makeup and of course – the colors!


We present 4 products which you must have this summer:

Lipstick based on oil

Quality lipsticks which are in an oil formula this season аre coming into bright pink and red tones. Their special composition nurtures the lips and gives them proper hydration, leaving on them soft color. These lipsticks in lighter color are the right choice for summer, because they are refreshing and highlight your lips, and besides that, are complementing with other parts of make-up.

Creamy eyeshadow

Creamy eye shadow

Summer is a good time to have fun with make up products, and the best way to do this is to add a little color and our eyes to point out first. Creamy shadows are simple, looks glossy and rich. In addition, be sure to invest in a good waterproof mascara.

Seductive manicure

Nail polish in coral color perfectly fit with sunbathed tan. The ladies who have lighter skin, should choose orange shades of nail polish, while women with darker tan, bravely can wear pink pigments. Do not want coral color? Try peachy – “nude” nail polish.

Peach nails

Compact cream color

Select a cream with SPF sunscreen that hydrates the skin and gives your face a bronze glow. It perfectly, cover your face and any minor flaws and what is most important, will protect it from UV radiation.

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