20 things every child wants to say to his parents


Every parent is looking at recommendations that would help to develop good parenting skills and how to raise well and healthy child with a strong character.

The list is meant as an address of a 5-year-old child to his parents:

1. Do not spoil me. I know that you don’t have to fulfill my every desire.

2. Do not be afraid to talk openly with me.

3. Do not let me to gain bad habits – quitting of them will be difficult.

4. Do not make me feel like my opinion does not matter, in those moments I will not behave nicely.

5. Do not shout at me in front of other people. It is much better to say face to face.

6. Do not make my mistakes to experience as a terrible crimes.

7. Do not protect me from consequences of my actions, something i need to learn myself, especially that for every action there is a reaction.

8. Do not be angry when I tell you that I hate you, i don’t, but also i am rebelling against your “power.”

9. Do not repeat things 100 times otherwise would pretend as if I never heard.

10. Do not give unrealistic promises. You’ll be hard when we take on.

11. Do not forget that I can not explain how I really feel.

12. Do not ask me the truth when you are angry, fearful I can lie.

13. Do not be inconsistent, it revolts me.

14. Do not leave my questions unanswered. I will find the answers elsewhere.

15. Do not say that my fears are not important. For me it is very important, are not small and become larger when you understand.

16. Do not pretend that you are the perfect person who does not make mistakes. Difficult it would be to realize that it is not.

17. Do you think it’s undignified to me to apologize. Thus teach me and me so to behave.

18. Do not forget that i quickly am growing. You must adapt.

19. Do not forbid me to experimenting. Without that I can’t grow up.

20. And do not forget that I can not grew up in a happy man if I have not been home full of love.

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