Astrology discovers. Who is the most mysterious sign in the horoscope?


Mysterious, very charming, secretive and intelligent members of this sign often know how skillfully to hide behind the mask of empathy, despite knowing to be quite serious when it comes to the success and achievement of objectives. Loving dynamics and therefore they are successful in marketing. Occasionally they tend to be possessive and impulsive, but it is their way to show their concern. We are talking for those born under the sign of Scorpio.


With them you will never know what happens, even though you’d think so. When are nice and polite, will not disclose their thoughts, and when are angry, then try to remain calm and to regain self-control, so you’ll never be sure what they exactly feel. Being powerful, respected and successful is their motto when it comes to professional life.

Born as fantastic as fantastic leaders, because they know the human psyche. Their motivation is not a competition, ambition and being a winner in everything but having control over each situation, to contribute to the common good – and for loved ones and for the job. Have a dignified attitude and are willing to sacrifice for each person who sincerely love and respect.

In love exactly know what they want and seek to get it. They remember everything and leave a deep impact on everyone’s life. Do not tolerate cheating and consider it cowardly, so instead of crying they will quickly get over the situation and will proudly continue because rarely forgive.

Perhaps in itself will be sad, but it will never show in public and in each moment they try to get rid of the past, and are successful. With their fatal attraction, security, magnetism and sincere love, Scorpions know how to make you feel like you can not live without them and often this is really so.


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