How physical activity affects your mental health?


It is well known that a regular physical activity has a big influence on physical health, but in recent years, studies show that regular exercise also has influence on mental health. Nearly everyone begins be physically active, first because of the benefits for the body, but regular exercise has positive effects also on the mind.
Simply, our mind affects our body and vice versa. In order to function properly mind and body needs to be in harmony. The body almost always first have to feel the benefits of physical activity, which is really great. But how does it affect your mind?


What kind of effect exercise has on your mind?

  • Regular aerobics increases the level of dopamine in the brain are seratoin, hormones that are related to feelings of pleasure.
  • Aerobic exercise increases the secretion of endorphins, the hormone responsible for improving mood and energy.
  • Exercising enables mind fully to get rid of the everyday stress and thoughts which cause negative emotions.
  • Studies show that exercise can ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and depression in women.
  • Exercising improves sleep quality, of time during which the brain is regenerated and increases energy levels.
  • It is proven that the training lowers anxiety in the body and mind.
  • Research shows that exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Improves functioning in middle and older age of life.
  • Exercising affects better judgment, thinking, learning and creativity.
  • Increases the level of self confidence and self enthusiasm for life.
  • Studies show that has great impact on sex life.
  • Exercising increases social activity and reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Altogether, the physical activity is one of the very best ways to feel happy and satisfied.
  • What to do when do not feel like exercise?

You have a routine and regularly exercise, but there are some days when you do not fell like exercise, you are tired or too busy or you’re worried about something. By continuing in your routine in such moments, you will feel better. Why?
When you are tired, exercise tends to charge you with new energy. If still you’re worried about something, it can help you clear your mind. Even if you can not exercise, 20-30 minute walk could only help you to relax. In company or alone, accompanied by music, the walk will have only beneficial effect.


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