Dramatic, dedicated, social? In what kind of relationship you belong to?


You recognize you in one of the following categories?
The University of Illinois made a research on 376 couples who kept tracks for their commitment to one another during the 9 months of relationship. At the end of the study, researchers concluded that there are 4 types of relationships and each pair belongs to one of the following:


Dramatic couples

These couples often have dramatic conflict situations. They generally make decisions when are disappointed and negative. Often blame the other side for cheating or for the errors in the other person and thus increase the drama. Rare are the situations when these couples manage to achieve a deeper connection.

Couples who constantly are arguing

This kind of couples have permanent differences. Constantly balance between conflict and passion. While quarrels separate them, passion connects and thereby are in a circle while one of the partners decides put an end. This love is not lasting.

couples in love

Partnership-oriented couples

These lucky ones agree on everything and have the greatest chance to stay together forever. They are involved in the life of the other, so, using what is happening in their relationship to advance and deepen their connection. Are very careful and cautious towards his partner. Partnership-oriented couples do not often use social networks, but strive to spend more time together.

Socially engaged couples

Social or socially engaged are similar to a partnership-oriented couples because are happy and satisfied with their relationship and rarely enter into conflict. These couples share a social network and rely on the network to make decisions about mutual commitment.

As you may have already guessed, this kind of relationship is the strongest and have a good chance to create a future together. It is good to know that your relationship can progress and switch from one type to another.