Lower the pain during waxing


Waxing is one of the most popular methods to remove the hairs but is also known that this technique can be very painful. Here are a few tricks that will help reduce the pain during waxing.

Less skin area

If you are waxing your legs, start around the ankles, and if you begin from the hands then first wax around the arm wrists. The smaller area you wax will ease the work it will remove the hairs completely, and the pain will be much lower.

Painkiller pills

Half an hour before beginning the waxing, go and have painkillers. It will significantly increase your tolerance to pain.

Cold compresses to the skin

Wrap a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and then in the towel. Rub with the towel the part which you are waxing, until the skin numbs the irritation. Ice have effect, as an analgesic on the skin.


Before you go to waxing, make an easy peeling of the skin. That way it would remove dead cells from surface of skin and will allow the hairs to get out easily, which automatically will reduce the pain of the waxing.


Avoid too lengthy hairs

The body hairs longer than the 6-7mm should being cutted before the waxing. Long hairs significantly increase pain during the waxing and there is a danger of cracking the follicles thus the waxing may be unsuccessful.

Say goodbye to shaving

If you want to wax, then forget about shaving. By shaving the hairs becomes sharp, so the first waxing, after shaving may not be quite successful. With regular waxing, the hairs will become thinner and that will significantly reduce pain.

Use both hands

For the waxing to be more successful and less painful, use both hands. After you apply a strip of waxing, with one hand pull the skin and hold it so tight and with the other pull the strip (in the opposite direction of growth of the hairs).

Avoid waxing during periods

Do not practice to do waxing before and two days after menstruation. Those days the tolerance of pain is in the lowest level, and waxingcan cause you real troubles.

After the waxing

To prevent skin irritation, 24 hours after the waxing, avoid exposing to sunlight, do not use aromatized lotions or lotions that contain alcohol and forget about tight clothes.

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