The older you are – more difficult you lose weight. These are the reasons why


We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when the scale shown not so pleasant number. Is no secret that with 35 years or more its harder to maintain form.
How it started? Maybe in student days when we lived on pizza, beer and Coke. And you had a good figure. But read the real reasons why after the 35th year, it is harder to lose more weight.


Do not sleep enough

Sleep is the most important for a healthy life. Unless you sleep enough, your immunity becomes weaker, metabolism is slowing down and weight are raising. Now that your working time begins at eight o’clock, and with family obligations those eight hours of sleep act like a fairy tale that you will never reach.

What you eat before you go to sleep?

Usually with unhealthy foods, sugar and trans-fat. You are working late, fell asleep late, in the morning the same story. Tiredness caused by insufficient sleep reduces the desire for a healthy lifestyle, and therefore fewer chances you have to dine with salad.
As experts say, more sleep will not help you to lose weight directly, but the lack of sleep will make you to increase weight. In fact, one study showed that lack of sleep makes your brain to need a high-calorie food.

Your metabolism is simply not the same

And you just have to accept that. While you were young you could eat a few donuts and chocolates and it does not get “stuck”. Now the situation is simply different.
The metabolism each decade after 40. is slowing down for five times. Then you can no longer lose calories as before. Solution exists, and that it is from your daily menu to reduce 100 calories.
For a start avoid processed meat products, mayonnaise, salad dressings, full fat cheeses.

Changes in hormone levels

And for this should “thank” your hormones. After 40’s levels of estrogen decreases which causes changes in thyroid gland, as well as in sugar levels. A loss of muscle mass that actually meaning burning less fat.

Although you can not change the level of hormones, you can ease these effects so that the unhealthy foods will replace it with foods rich in fiber, such as cereals and nuts.

You lose muscle mass

You have probably heard that muscle weighs more than fat, and they burn three times more calories. This is associated to testosterone levels which over the years decrease.

How to solve this problem?

Exercise! Each kilogram of muscle will speed up your metabolism and will help you to burn more calories throughout the day.


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