Women who are are born in this sign are one of the most determined and strongest personalities


Rounded face with a warm expression, big eyed and perfect figure – it is the most common physical characteristics of women born in this sign. Under their beautiful and decent appearance lies intense temper. Are known for their persistence, and in life crises showed amazing calmness and strength. The only flaw is that in the strong desire for safety and trying to do everything to be all right they miss several spontaneous pleasures and chances.


We are talking about women born under the sign of Taurus. They are aware of their strength and character and would like to show every time. Most often are realists and know that the life is a continuous process which is constantly changing. Love freedom and enjoy all the pleasures in life. They are characterized as ambitious persons who love to create and search for happiness and material wealth. From all vices, they choose gambling and games of luck.


One of their gifts is that they know how to listen to others and are full of sympathy. Knows how to give the right advice at the right time and are able to lend their support to everyone who consider them good and righteous people. Knows how to be loyal to friends, caring and devoted mothers and partners who know how to love. Sometimes allow anger overshadow their senses and are prepared to fight, but also are able to recognize their mistakes.


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