Serenity and good mood. Be a positive example for your children


Children love to be in the company of both positive and smiling people, and are afraid of the grumpy people are filled with useless negative energy. Studies show that if children grow up in a negative environment and then themselves as a consequence will become pessimistic because first of all they look up to their parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers and even their peers.


If you are tired and with bad mood every day, then such a role model will build for themselves and your children. Therefore it is very important to make a positive example even in those moments when it is very difficult. Here’s how to achieve that …

1. Let them remember you with smile, when you wake them up every morning and send them to school.

2. Do not let them be saddened by nonsense. Explain to them that nothing is black and white, but also that there is a beauty in everything and reason to be happy.


3. When they return from school, rather than just “attack” with questions about whether they were good or disciplinary, ask them first if something has happened nicely to them.

4. Surround them with positive people because it will reflect well on them and will have influence on creation of an optimistic view of life.

5. If your kids are sad, comfort them and explain that tomorrow is another day and it means an another chance to smile.