Womens characteristics that men are scared of

How many times in life you have heard the statement that men are afraid of smart women?

Researchers from the School of Economics in Warsaw under Adam Karbovski confirm this stereotype.


Karbovski and his team did an experiment in which 500 respondents participated in the so-called “speed dating.”

After each meeting, participants had to assess physical appearance and intelligence of the person they talked and at the end they should write if they like to meet the person again.

By analyzing the experiment it was concluded that male respondents at the second meeting would rather go out with a lady who is physically attractive than the lady who assessed as extremely intelligent.


On the other hand, women equally appreciated and smart appearance and at the second meeting would go out with a man who is considered smart and not give him a high grade in a matter of appearance.

Asked why men are afraid of smart women, experts offer a simple answer, and that is because the comparison of its own intelligence with that of a woman and that makes them feel insecure.

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