Тips that will help to raisie your child properly

Raising children may be one of the hardest jobs there is, but it is the most beautiful thing that could happen to a family. Children are our future and we must ensure that they grow into exemplary people.

The love for children is incomparable to any other, they are the greatest wealth, but because of this parents are often guilty at raising. Of course, it does not make them bad parents, only children receiving bad habits which will affect their lives in the future.


We made a list of things that will help you grow your child in a better person.

1. More often say NO. Practice postponed pleasure and just do not give to your child everything he wants at the moment, even though you can easily afford that.

2. Expect gratitude. Go a step further in teaching your child to say “please” and “thank you.” Teach it of establishing eye contact, proper greeting by hand, to show kindness and appreciation for the beautiful words that are told and for generous gifts it receives. If this not happens, urge the child to return the gift (of the person who gave it) and explain why it is not willing to receive.

3. Practice altruism. Donate clothes and toys for people who need it (not just to your neighbors because it is easiest and because they have small children) and make sure your child and be part of that process. Keep doing this often when you have the opportunity, Pack and donate together with your child learn, so can not to be selfish.

5.Share your stories. If you come from a wealthy family, tell your child the story of how it came to this. Do not forget that “giving the child everything you did not have” is not always a good thing. Surely there are many things that you have learned along the way that made you the person that you are today.

4. Be careful with your company. If you socialize just with wealthy families who do not raising their child correctly, you may experience difficulties to achieve what you want when it comes to raising your child. Be sure to spend time with family members or friends who have similar values to yours.

5. Teach your child about the value of money. Encourage your child to manage money through saving and donating to charity rather than spending. If you practice this from an early age, the child will grow into a truly responsible person.

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