8 things every mom should do for herself at least once a year

Of course, you are a “super mom” who manages without a problem with one hand to put the dishes in the dishwasher, with the other to help the growing child to solve mathematical problems, while at the same with smaller, for the hundredth time in the day to sing its favorite song. But do you over the past year have done something just for you? We offer a list of eight things that every mother should separate several hours per year and be only for her.

Mom resting

Go to massage

Massage will help you to relax and improve the health of your body. Constant childcare makes you tense and contorted, which make you appear neck and shoulders pain.

Spend 24 hours separated from your children

If you manage those 24 hours to prolong one week, then all the better.

Spend a great amount of money on a piece of clothing or something that will cheer you.

Sometimes allow yourselves the luxury at at least once a year and spend large sum of money on a piece of clothing or a fashion accessory that will cheer up and make you feel chic and trendy.


Find a new friend

It is ok he or she to be a parent of any children with which your child goes to kindergarten or school. But, try your meetings and discussions to not only dedicate to children.

Do something completely irresponsible

You are a mother who keeps things under control 365 days a year. Therefore, feel free to dedicate yourself one evening, go and “forget” your phone at home, drink a few cocktails and laugh.

Make a photo on which you look fantastic

You have a billion pictures of your loved ones and you are not in the pictures. It is because you just take pictures. Find someone who will make you a creative photo session and pick yourself a photo with the top performance. Sometimes look at the photo to rediscover your beauty and femininity.

Visit art event

No matter if you opt a show, concert, theater, film, it is important to dress nicely, made-up and to leave home. Cultural events in themselves have a special magic that awakens the creative hand of man.

Hire cleaning service

At least once a year, a few days forget about towels, brushes, cleaners, buckets, sponges … If you are able, hire a cleaning service. You do, during that time one of the things mentioned above.

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