Love, sex or career: Which are the best years in life?

A new scientific research showed that the average person is the richest in its 47th year of life. This research that covered 2,000 men and women in the United Kingdom showed that people are happiest at 39 years, and feel most beautiful in 31 th year of their life, while the most progress in their career they are experiencing at 38 years.
According to the study, other important years in life are the 40s, when we are most satisfied with love, while salaries reach the highest level at 42’s.
23% of respondents said they would use advancement of technology to achieve eternal life.
These are the most important years people’s life:
•We are healthiest in 30s.
• We are richest when we are 47 years old.
• We are happiest at 39 years.
• We are Most satisfied with with our look at 31 years.
• Happiest with the career at 38 years.
• The best sex we have at 32 years.
• Most satisfied with the relationship we are when we have 40 years.
• True love is found at 32
• The best fun on 24 years.
• The biggest incomes we have at 42 years.


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