How to make the perfume to last longer


Finally come to buy your favorite perfume that is not cheap at all cheap, keep it with love and attention to last longer, and suddenly in a certain time you notice that actually do not feel it on yourself and no one comment that you smell nice
This does not mean that your perfume no longer smells like, on the contrary, we are usually used to the our smells and then almost do not notice them. Yet there are some rules that it should be followed if you want your perfume to take longer.

Rule 1: Apply the perfume that after a few minutes you do not feel on you. It’s the scent that’s perfect for you, and unobtrusive to the environment, but believe that is still felt.

Rule 2: Apply perfume as much as the person next to of you to feel it, but not the entire environment. If the person who stands a few steps away you, say that it feel the perfume, then you’ve probably gone too far.

Rule 3: Always apply the perfume to the area where we feel the heartbeat – the beginning of the neck, the inside of the ankle, knee, elbow and behind the ears.


Rule 4: During the day use exceptionally fresh perfume, especially if you work with people in a narrow space. The potent perfume leave it for evening occasions.

Rule 5: If you want the perfume to last longer, then use a body lotion with the same scent as the perfume. The smell of perfume is best kept on wet skin.

Rule 6: Never use only one perfume. Always keep in your toilet closet for at least 2-3 different perfumes and use them according to the season, mood or occasion. Keep them in the dark (protected from the sun) and cool place so the perfume can last longer.

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