Meet Roo, the kitty who stands as a kangaroo


Born without elbows, but not without desire for life, nothing can stand in the way of the happy life of this very beautiful kitten.”Roo and two siblings came into the shelter last week. She was considerably smaller than her siblings and the staff at the shelter noticed she was walking weird. They called me because I am the foster that takes all the special needs, neonates and critical care kittens,” Marnie Russ told Love Meow

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Having taken to NoVA Cat Clinic in Arlington, VA, and made X-ray, it was noted that she was born without joints of the elbows.
After seeing what it was about, quickly came up with diet that would help to strengthen the muscles.
“She is starting to run a bit; albeit very awkwardly. She is gaining weight steadily and we will be working with NoVa Cat Clinic to develop physical therapy treatments to help her as she grows.”

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“Roo and Skeeter, my little dog quickly have become friends.”

“Right now we are focusing on getting her weight up. She is very frail and weak. She does walk around the house a bit but her favorite place to be is in a lap.”
Roo has melt the hearts of everyone in the clinic, especially Mernie, that she adopted and since then can not be separated from it.

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